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Farewell, MangaRebels...

It's been a couple years since I left, and for no reasons, today I came back to check if you're ok. I'm shocked to see that you guys have closed down officially June 3rd. I'm totally brokenhearted because MR is a place I dearly kept in my heart.

It was a place to grow, to love, and to share. You raised me, as well as your thousand the other members in this beautiful community.

I had the honor to service as your mod for a few months before I'm trapped into real life, still it was a great moment in life I will never forget. I will keep all the memories we shared together and truly wish all the best for wonderful mods and friends I met there. Thank you for everything.

Cheers. We'll meet again, I'm sure. After all, we are the REBELS! :D

Ciaoo bella. La dolce vita!


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