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Dear Brother by Tagura Tohru

In chapter 5. It all started in Natsu no Matsuri.


The little brother got anxious. The big brother confused. But then they couldn't help it.

They did it!!!

They kissed.

OMG I didn't expect it.... but I hope they continue to love each other. Maybe sex? Tagura Tohru just know how to catch me off-guard. I always think this is a slice of life, with a mild fan service for shounen ai / yaoi supporter. I didn't expect at least kiss from the brothers. I sincerely hope now that one of them is adopted :(

But the kiss is inspiring. Apple scented! In Summer Festival! What can I ask for more, the brothers are just 'hot' when they did it. By the way, each chapter has always bring something fascinating. The ramen slurp, the laundry day, the letters, and now the apple candy kiss. Oh, just wow.

I want to try one. Maybe Orange. Tried tobacco, cold beer, and coffee, it's a lot better if it was a cappuccino :D

I always think the Japanese mostly start their romance in Spring. I guess they're also blossoming during Summer ^_____^

apple scented kiss

No. I won't give the real kiss here *.*

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pleaaaaase could you give me a link to this chapter? I just can't find it anywhere T___T help .__. I'm about to die T_T

sorry, but i don't share scanlations in my blog. only discussion.

Ahhh I've been looking everywhere for this chapter!!! I see you don't share scanlations, but might you be able to point me in the direction of someone/a website who does? Any help would be very much appreciated--I too have fallen in love with this manga and need to read more!

me too, please help us. I've searched it everywhere yet still couldn't find it. Please give us any information about how to get the newest chapter of this amazing manga. We really really need your help, please consider this wish. Thank you in advance. Any info from you would be very much appreciated :)

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