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My Collection and For Sale Page

For Sale:

Seven Days Monday - Thursday $25 / Rp. 250.000
Seven Days Thursday - Friday $25 / Rp. 250.000

In These Words [Pre-loved] $25 / Rp. 250.000 SOLD
Skyscrapers of Oz [Pre-loved] $15 / Rp. 150.000
Black Winged Love by Tomoko Yamashita $15 / Rp. 150.000
Hard Times / Deadlock Spin-off Novel $15 (Japanese) NEW Rp. 150.000
Antique Bakery 1-4 $35 [Pre-loved] Rp. 350.000
Cafe Kichijouji 1-3 $30 [Pre-loved] Rp. 300.000
Ludwig I $5 (yellowish) - Used Rp. 50.000
His Favorite 1-4 $52 NEW Rp.520.000
Love Full of Scars by Psyche Delico $15 SOLD
U Dont Know Me by Rakun $20
Totally Captivated 1-6 $80 NEW
TC Doujins 1-3 $75 NEW

Exotic and Delicious Fate $8 SOLD

You can see the pictures of my sales here: It's a local yaoi marketplace for Indonesian.

My Wish List:

Guilty 3: Redemption (English)

I'm open the trade for books from my private collections, you can collapse the list below. If I feel like letting go of them, I'm sure we can discuss it :)

Looking for Indonesia buyers / traders only, however if International buyer willing to pay for the shipping fees please contact me :D

Payment can be done via:

- Paypal, for overseas buyer (buyer pay the paypal fee)
- Local banks (BCA, CIMB Niaga) for local buyers

My Collection (not for sale – for now)


Awkward Silence 1 - 3
Butterfly of The Distant Day (Il Gatto Sul G sequel)
Black Sun 1 - 2
Blue Morning 1
Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love 1 - 4
Clear Skies (novel)
CTBK (novel and illustration)
Deadlock (manga - Japanese)
Deadlock Hard Times (novel - Japanese)
Deadlock Series (novel - Japanese) 1 -  3
Deadlock Simplex (novel - Japanese)
Dog x Cat 1 - 3
Father Figure (novel and illustration)
Finder Series 1 - 6
Gentle Cage
Guilty 1 - 2, 4
I Want to Be Naughty
Il Gatto Sul G 1 - 3
Immortal Darkness
In These Words 1
I've Seen it All 1 - 2
Junjou Romantica 1 - 12
Maiden Rose 1 - 2
New York Minute (novel and illustration)
No Touching At All
Only The Ring Finger Knows (manga)
Only The Ring Finger Knows (novels) 1 - 5
Punch Up 1 - 4
Rin! 1 - 3
S 1 - 4
Sea View
Seven Days 1 - 2
Shy Intentions
Shout Out Loud 1 - 5
Silver Diamond 1 - 9
Sleeping With Money
Sugar Milk
Takumi-kun Series 1 - 3
Time Lag
Totally Captivated 1 - 6
Totally Captivated doujins 1 - 3
Tyrant Falls in Love 1 - 7
Vassalord 1 - 4
You Don't Know Me (manhwa)
Ze 1 - 5


Sweet Pool Visual Fan Book
Switch Artbook

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When you sell some of your collection, please let me know.. Thanks!

sure, i will let you know if i need cash :)

hi, i am planning to sell my totally captivated collections. are you interested?

I already have those >_<

I want to buy your In these Words, S v4, father figure, New York Minute, seven days v1-2.. but only only a reasonable price T_T
I'm quite broke *_*

please inform me if you will already sell it..


Let me see if I can let my Guilt Pleasure and Seven Days collection. How much is your offer?

For S I cant let just one volume.. I prefer sell them as a set, if I plan to let them go. But not for this time :)

I sent you a message regarding my offer ^_^

Waaaa I already have S v1-3 T_T I can't afford to buy another set :(



Just wanna let you know I will be selling my Seven Days soon. Please head to this facebook for more info :)

i'm interested in exotic and delicious fate $8 and shipping to still available and how much? Btw, it's in english right?
You have selling some of your collection too? Thanks^^

Edited at 2013-06-03 12:19 pm (UTC)

hello, yes it's still available :)

it's $8, if you pay via paypal please cover the paypal fee. if you want to transfer via bca or cimb niaga in rupiah i convert to rp. 80.000 (not include ongkir).

i will send you my account details via message if you're still interested :)

for now i'm planning to sell my totally captivated collection, are you interested? :)

i'm still interested and plan to transfer via bca....can you give me your bca account to
i'm already have totally captivated 1-6 :-) and interested in totally captivated doujin 1-3, how much is it?
Btw, if i buy it too can you give me discount? hehehe

Totally captivated doujins are brand new, I can let them go for $25 each. Doujin 1 - 2 is a set, doujin 3 is Sangchul's point of view. If you take all incl Exotic and Delicious, free shipping and I will include you bonuses of post cards and freebies I got from my trip to Japan? Sweet deal!

ok^^ How's the condition of the books?

TC doujins are all brand new. Still in plastic. Exotic and Delicious is mint, read once stayed in a closed box after I read. I can send picture if you want.

the price for TC doujins is to high for me :-( For now, i will take exotic and delicious fate + shipping to Bekasi via JNE OKE...Can you email me the detail for my order? i will pay it asap :-)

If you decide to lower the price for TC doujins let me know and hope i have enough money to buy it.....hehehe

Ok darl, I dont think I can lower the price.. since it's new and I also had to pay for shipping from Korea when I bought them, so basically I dont get any profit ^^;;

Anyway I just sent you the email :)

Please check your email....Thanks^^

Edited at 2013-06-04 02:22 am (UTC)

hello, i just added my sale collection if you're interested :)

Hi there. If you're ever up to selling In These Words, No Touching At All, and Seven Days 1-2, I'd be more than glad to make you an offer. :) Well, I'm actually not good at making offers, so I'd much rather you tell me what you'd like instead.

Glad that the novels reached you, btw. I was a little worried about that.

Hello, yes I have received the books! Thanks :)

For now I have no plan on selling them but if I have I will put and update in my journal definitely. I understand your frustration seeking for those books as I also had to hunt for them :(


Just wanna let you know I will be selling my Seven Days soon. Please head to this facebook for more info :)

Hi if they are still available how much do you want for the set ?

yes, they are both still available. i'm asking for $50 / set

How much for shipping and do you take paypal? My zip code is 11980.

yes, i accept paypal :)

are you in the US? i'm in Indonesia. would you pls wait so i can check the shipping?

Ok I checked online for the cheapest post to US, it cost $25 for 0,5kg and $35 for 1kg. I think it will fall in between that price. Let me know if you still want it :)

Hi Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. So you think it would be 75.00 shipped. Is the 25.00 for First Class International or is that Priority mail because of the weight.

It's ok :)

Yes, 75 shipped. I will go tomorrow to mail out some packages, so I can check for sure how much it will cost to send to the US :) I will keep you updated tomorrow

//edit: in the local post office the package is EMS, but let me make sure tomorrow

Edited at 2013-10-24 05:59 pm (UTC)

Hello, I just returned from post office and confirmed the price, the cheapest $25 is for approximately 3 weeks arrival and $35 for 1 week estimation arrival. Let me know which one you want.

hello, are you still interested? haven't hear from you few days and someone is waiting list for it. can you confirm if you want the books or not? :)

Sorry about the delay. Yes I will take the books.

Sorry I didn't ask you for your paypal address. Thanks again.

Hi, yesterday I replied to your message in my inbox. Could it be going to Suspicious Messages folder? Also please send me your address in the message. Thank you!

Sorry, but before I send could you please choose one postcard bonus from here?

It is page 5 and it's the lower left. Is that from Our Kingdom ?

Hi, just wanna let u know that the package is on its way. I have included the bonus but sorry I dont know if its from Our Kingdom or not ^^;;;

Thanks for letting me know. Also I am not sure if it is from our kingdom but it looks like it.

Great! Anyway please let me know if the books arrive, it's my first time sending to US so hope the books arrive safely :)

Hi Just a quick note to let you know the books arrived safely. Thanks again.

Edited at 2013-11-19 09:32 am (UTC)

Re: Seven Days Manga

hello! sorry for the late reply.. thank you for letting me know the books have arrived safely :)

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