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WTS: Cheap Yaoi Mangas in English and Japanese

I'm selling yaoi mangas in English and Japanese, most books condition are mint or like new but some old titles are a bit yellowish, I can provide picture if you're interested, just put in comment. Preferred payment, Paypal or local bank transfer in Indonesia. Shipping will be from Indonesia so for overseas buyer must consider additional shipping cheapest cost around $5 - $15 depends on weight.

If not stated in Japanese then the book is in English.

I will include some bonus for sale such as postcards if you purchase more than $10.

Takumi-kun Series vol 1-3 $50

Gakuen Heaven vol 1 - 3 $30

Black Sun vol 1 - 2 $30

Awkward Silence vol 1 - 3 $15

Punch Up vol 1 - 4 $20

Punch Up vol 1 - 2 $15 (SEALED)

Maiden Rose vol 1 $10
Ze vol 2 $30
Clear Blue Skies (English novel) $5

In This Words GP chapter 6 $5
The Bride GP oneshot $5

Shout Out Loud (Sakende Yaruze) vol 1 - 5 $30

Hard Time - Deadlock Spin Off Japanese Novel $10
Deadlock vol 1 Japanese Manga $5

Antique Bakery vol 1 - 4 $20


Free! Eternal Summer 3D SEGA poster size 36cmx51.5cm from Japan $20 (not for sale in Japan, only at arcade) - Original and high quality


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Deadlock $15, is it in English? How much is shipping to 02740, USA?

Yes, it's in English I just read once. Shipping to US just one book will cost about $5 - $10.

I'll take that. I'd like to get Bond of Dreams 1-4 and His Favorite. With all that, how much would it cost to ship here?

I will need to check the cost for all 9 books to USA, 02740. Please allow me to check on Monday as it's weekend and local post is closed, my guess is around $20 - $30, but I need to be sure.

Hello, sorry for latest reply. The lowest cost for all 9 books is $30, shipping will take about 2 - 3 weeks to arrive.

Look forward to hear from you.

Sure, I'll take them. But just wondering if you can give me a discount for the books? Thanks!

Sure, total is:

Bond of Dreams vol 1 - 4 $20
His Favorite vol 1 - 4 $20
Deadlock vol 1 $15
Sub-total = $55 - $5 (discount) + shipping $30
Total = $80

I will also give Totally Captivated Postcard and some yaoi clear files for you :)

However, in Indonesia currently we're having long holidays this week until next week so local post will open next Monday, so if you're interested you can pay later by Monday 20 or Tuesday 21 once the post office open? I will reserve the books for you til then.

Sure, or if you can give me your paypal address, I can go ahead and send the payment now and you can just send it next week.

Sent PM to you. I will send the books once post office is open next week. Thanks!

just sent the payment. thanks

Received it, will send once the post office open on Monday or Tuesday. Thanks!!


Just wanna check in, have you received the books? It's been a month so suppose to arrive already.

My Order : Black Winged Love

Hi...i want to let you know that my order arrived safely this afternoon. The book is in good condition and thanks for the bonus postcard :-)

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Re: My Order : Black Winged Love

Thanks for letting me know it's arrived. Enjoy!

Re: My Order : Black Winged Love

Ok, sure^^

Hello there!
I saw lots of interesting books there *_* You have a great collections! Btw, I know this entry from your post at kas*us.
Uhm... I remember that my friend searching for Dog x Cat v01-04 and I think she'll be excited when saw your collections. If it's allowed, may I know where do you live? If it's same as me (Jakarta) then less shipping cost :p


thanks for stopping by :D

yes, i need to clean up my space so these sadly should go to new owners ^^ i live in tangerang so shipping to jakarta should only be less than 10.000/kilo.

let me know if your friend is interested!

Yes, my friend really interested! Can you private message me your phone number? So we can chat via WA? Thank you so much!

Hi :D

thanks for the DogxCat books, it's arrived safely and fast ^^b

Thank you for your purchase :D

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