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Answer for question 4497.
What advice would you give someone who's debating what to do after high school -- would you recommend college, a technical school, straight into the work force, volunteer work, or something else? If you're old enough to have "been there, done that", did you make the right choice?
If you or your parents have enough money, going to college is appropriate. Not just for knowledge sake, but networking as well. Aim for the most reputable college you can. But if you're on creative side, go straight to workshops and again if money is no problem, find the best courses that mix technical and knowledge at once. This is also a good pot for your future networking.

My parents never had enough money, they decided for me to go to Banking major and I didn't have enough support to decide further on my creative side. I still scored scholarship to fund my degree eventhough I was nowhere ambitious in Banking. Before I graduated, I landed quite a safe entry level work at an international school a with decent pay, that I used my savings to pay for courses and further study of my own options. I ventured into foreign languages, marketing, digital, business, music, creative industries, fashion, astronomy, writing, photography, travel, startups, and I'm not stopping.

Crafted with more personalized knowledges, I had more confident to pursue careers I'm interested in. And my resume described my ventures really well. I've been hired as digital nomad for several well-known companies and I enjoyed earning using the skills I acquired on my journeys.

Conclusion, I didn't get a smooth start but I think I did justice to myself :)


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