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Zankoku na Kami ga Shihaisuru

So last week I downloaded Zankoku na Kami ga Shihaisuru on a whim. Saw the reviews, thought I need to read something of good reviews sometimes. I was like, this is the type of manga I would never enjoy reading; classic manga artwork, rape and abuse. Not my thing. But still I downloaded the first volume as my bedtime story. The only thing that attracted me was in the summary, Ian the son, falls in love to the victim Jeremy. So love and romance lured me to Zankoku. An unexpected and odd love story, different than any yaoi story I’ve ever read. I was pretty sure, it was pity or hidden desire.

I ended up awake until the next day downloading and reading whatever released and came to office in heavy smokey eyes make-up, to cover my real panda eyes hahaha.

Anyway, this is a real good read. I enjoyed it a lot, and thankful for the wonderful team that releases this amazing story. Good yaoi story is hard to come by!

Give it a try :D

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this one such a good read, disturbing at first at greg's abusal
seriously, i read english chapter (v1-13) cant stop and searching for it's raw scanlation... still dunno what exactly going on between vol 14-17, but it looks like jeremy has a happy ending with Ian... kinda satisfied by now

ikr! this manga is so addicting instead of the abuse. maybe because at first we wanted to know how jeremy survives it.

eh lo indonesian? hawhawhaw jarang nemu orang indo di dunia bl :)

hya... iya indo
telat banget balesnya
hehehe gomen krn g ad notifnya

salam fujo ya

wa, senangnya nubruk temen indo di lj :)

salam fujo juga!

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