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Doushitemo Furetakunai by Yoneda Kou

So I read Doushitemo Furetakunai last night! It's a very sweet romantic story and the characters caught my attention since the beginning :)

It was… wow. I felt like wrapped in Togawa-san’s love. It’s so gentle, honest, yet blunt as he is. It’s kinda sad that I missed reading the whole thing before, but that was probably because the series was still ongoing and I couldn’t catch up to every single releases. Yes, I waited until it’s all finished but and it’s definitely worth the waiting, and reading :D

It’s my number one from Yoneda Kou sensei, the second is Ore Ni Koi Shite (but sensei dropped it T^T)

I like Yoneda Kou sensei’s yakuza series (Saezuru Tori, Tadayoedo, and NightS) however I also love it when sensei makes mangas that are similar to our daily life and all the complicated feelings when we’re in love J it’s amazing that even though the story is similar to many yaoi mangas, but the angst and complicated feelings is very Yoneda Kou’s. I guess, Yoneda Kou sensei’s what they called original, one of the kind and special.

Will there ever be a happy ending for Shima and Togawa? *,*

Happy reading!


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