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For Sale: My Yaoi Manga Private Collection
I'm selling my yaoi collection, picture can be requested. All books are well taken care of, no pages missing, read carefully only once or twice. First come first serve. Thank you.

Payment can be done via:

- Paypal, for overseas buyer (buyer pay the paypal fee)
- Local banks (BCA, CIMB Niaga) for local buyers

Local buyers can also purchase in installment via Tokopedia platform: https://www.tokopedia.com/lostcrow

Prices are not include shipping from my place to yours, will be done from Indonesia cost of shipping usually around $25 per 2-3 books (depends on the books weight).

Pictures will be provided per request.


Skyscrapers of Oz [Pre-loved] $15
Hard Times / Deadlock Spin-off Novel $15 (Japanese) NEW
Antique Bakery 1-4 $25 [Pre-loved]
Cafe Kichijouji 1-3 $20 [Pre-loved]
Butterfly of The Distant Day (Il Gatto Sul G sequel) $10
Black Sun 1 - 2 $20
Clear Skies (novel) $5
CTBK (novel and illustration) $5
Deadlock (manga - Japanese) $5
Deadlock Series (novel - Japanese) 1 - 3 $30
Deadlock Simplex (novel - Japanese) $10
Father Figure (novel and illustration) $5
Gentle Cage $10
I Want to Be Naughty $10
Il Gatto Sul G 1 - 3 $30
Immortal Darkness $10
I've Seen it All 1 - 2 $30
No Touching At All $20
Punch Up 1 - 4 $20
Rin! 1 - 3 $30
Sea View $5
Shy Intentions $10
Shout Out Loud 1 - 5 $25
Silver Diamond 1 - 9 $150
Totally Captivated doujins 1 - 3 $40
Tyrant Falls in Love 1 - 8 $150
You Don't Know Me (manhwa) $20
Ze 1 - 5, 7 - 11 $200
Seven Days 1 - 2 (make offer)

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Wow what a list! I'm drooling but ughhh my wallet! I wanted ze but i can not afford it sob sob sob
Is Punch up in English?

Yep, Punch Up is in English mint condition only read once :)

LOL yes, I already said goodbye to my Totally Captivated last week and it was heartbreaking :(

I have to move out to other city/country so I have to let them go T^T

If you're Indonesian, you can purchase Ze in installment up to 12 months using credit card via this link https://www.tokopedia.com/lostcrow

Ze is rare... and the price out there is crazier than mine ^^;;

Edited at 2017-09-16 01:45 am (UTC)

I can feel you!

Tbh i am from a country that banned Homosexuality related things so if i buy yaoi i would go to jail. Thank god it is not like that now so i started purchasing yaoi from last month on......
I purchased too many that i left my wallet bleeding XD
I wanted to purchase Love mode but it would have cost me 150$ shipping included so i gave up....

All my money go to buy raws for my group that i don't have any for myself LOL

Hello. Are you willing to take $40 for Seven Days 1-2?

hello, i'm sorry i just read this. i havent been logged in to LJ for almost a year!

unfortunately, i decided not to sell it for now. maybe later.

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